• Our Mission

    In our experience, we have found the student body of Bedford Middle School to be full of dynamic people, engaged in amazing pursuits. However, these fascinating stories are often left untold. It is the mission of the Bedford Buzz to report these stories. The Bedford Buzz is a newspaper written by the students, for the students. It is our pledge to deliver content that you are interested in. It is also our mission to provide an opportunity to those students who want to enter the field of journalism. If you have an interest in joining the Bedford Buzz staff, please fill out the form on the Our Mission page.

Bedford’s Budding Filmmaker

Bedford is filled with students who possess a variety of different talents and hobbies. That was no more evident than with the PTA-sponsored Reflections Contest this year. Tia P., an 8th grader, entered her movie in the nationwide arts contest. Students were invited to submit an original work inspired by the theme, “Believe, Dream, Inspire” in categories of … Continue reading

Advice from an Eighth Grader

Being an 8th grade girl, I know the struggles that can come with being in middle school, whether it’s drama at the lunch table or planning a friend’s birthday. But the good news is there is always a solution. Sixth grade personally was my favorite year. Being new to the school, the biggest issue that … Continue reading

Movie Reviews

Ender’s Game In the not-so-distant future, an alien race is preparing for an attack on Earth. To prepare, Ender (Asa Butterfield), is taken into space to be trained as a commander to fight the invasion. Although he is much younger than all the other boys and girls in the school, he excels in all aspects … Continue reading

Book Reviews by Jane

The Secret Tree by Natalie Standiford The Secret Tree is 256 pages long and was published on May 1, 2012. At first, Minty’s summer is boring and mundane. Then she sees a mysterious flash in the woods and follows it.  She loses the person when she finds a tree with a secret hidden in it. What … Continue reading

New Student Government

The New Student Government As an amazing year at Bedford comes to a close, teachers are already looking forward to a new school year in the fall. One highlight to look forward to is a new student government club, which will be headed by Mr. Deitch and Ms. Ruggiero. “We see student government as the … Continue reading

Summer Day Trips

With the summer almost upon us and vacation thoughts abound, there are some great day trips nearby that don’t require a plane ticket.   A day at Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk: To start your day, drive or take the bus or train to the aquarium. Not only are there lots of fish and sea life to keep … Continue reading

Phantom Tollbooth… AMAZING!

The 6th grade play, The Phantom Tollbooth wowed audiences this past weekend.  The play is about Milo, a boy who is bored and everything seems a waste of time. One day he finds a package of a miniature tollbooth and a map. There is a note saying “For Milo, who has plenty of time.”  He … Continue reading

Technology Update

A Technology Update For years, people have predicted that there would be floating cities and mass-produced flying cars like in the movies that portrayed the 21st century. But now that we are living in 2013, many are losing hope that the hoverboard promised by Back to the Future 2 will not be released for a … Continue reading


A Look Forward and Back in Movies     Many great movies have been released in the recent months, and many will continue to be as the summer movie season opens in late June (coinciding with school being let out). But first, in case you missed any movies from the winter cinema season, a brief review … Continue reading

Portal 2

Portal 2 is a puzzle game that requires the player’s mental skill to complete tests. Even though it is a sequel to the original Portal game, it is not necessary to have played the first Portal. The player uses a portal gun to solve tests, and there may be obstacles like turrets, thermal discouragement beams … Continue reading